A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A visual novel about dating monsters

Monstrous Lovers is a boys' love visual novel with a focus on dating monsters inspired by classic horror movies. Choose between a vampire, a wolfman, a robot and an invisible man!

The story

Play as Christopher Wells, a young government employee who was recently transfered to Saint George, the city with the highest population of monsters in the country.

Unfortunately for him, the Saint George office is both underfunded and understaffed, and not everyone is happy about having to work with a human.

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The full game will feature...

  • Branching storyline that changes depending on the player's choices
  • 4 romanceable characters
  • 8 different endings
  • Professional voice acting
  • Theme song by Aurelio Voltaire
  • English & Spanish versions


KillerQueen Writing, directing, programming.

Tash G. Artwork

Badriel Artwork, misc. programming

OddTillTheEnd Music

Aurelio Voltaire Main theme


MonstrousLoversv1-win.zip 122 MB
MonstrousLoversv1-mac.zip 121 MB
MonstrousLoversv1-linux.tar.bz2 125 MB


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Yesterday I downloaded Monstrous Lovers demo but I'm a little bit sad, this game seems like stoped... I found the story very intresting and I already love Vincent and Ben, I searched on all possible sites for the slightest trace of progress on the game but it semms to completely give up for 1 year unlike Blind Men that I don't find particulary intresting personally compared to Monstrous Lover ( maybe because I love everything that is vampire, werewolf or monstrer ahah x) )
I would like to know if you're still working on Monstrous Lovers ? 😮 😢


I'm pretty sure this game is never going to be done....


They just posted on their twitter who the voice actors are going to be for the characters

v good v nice


Ur Tumblr said that it'll be released this october? I've been wondering if it's still coming out this year?


Any word on when the game will come out ?

I was so excited for this game !  


I've liked from this game, and also from the few details given about this moster world in this demo.

Looking forward to see more of it, and hopefully in seeing the author not giving up on this project. :)


I hope this game is still in development because I´m in love with the art and story


Any updates on when this will be finished?

Deleted post

I'm a girl, but I seriously can't get over how freaking adorable that was. I've always liked these kind of games, but I literally have fallen in love with this. I wish for this to be even longer, but until then, I'm gonna play this over and over.


This was such a cute demo. I'm basically in love with this already, and I don't commonly play through each end in games like this... And I feel like this will be one of the ones I'll not just play through all of them, but go back to play through my favorite endings. I love the art, music, style.. Just everything!! I'm so excited for this and I hope this comes out soon!! I know this will be a hit and if it's not--well, I'll be disappointed in the gaming community.